Thursday, June 30, 2011

Special Delivery

One day (okay, every day) I realized that I really, really miss my house, and my roommates, and our traditions--mainly, cupcake Tuesdays. So I had the great idea to send my roommates (and my honorary roommate, Shayna) a cupcake each for cupcake Tuesday! I decided to try out a new recipe that I thought everyone would like, full of lots of fresh ingredients. Since the lemon cream cupcakes were such a huge hit the first time around, I thought I'd try this variation.

The batter was really yummy, full of lemon zest, and it produced kind of pound-cake texture, which I really liked, but that might be slightly heavy for some tastes.

Next, I went about making the blueberry buttercream frosting, for which I had to puree a bunch of blueberries and separate the puree from the juice, since I needed to use both. It was quite the learning experience for me, because I have never really worked with fresh fruit puree before in my baking, but I knew it would make for some really fresh frosting and would definitely be worth it.

Zesting all the lemons took a while, but was also worth it for the freshness it added to the batter and the frosting.

I also rarely use real buttermilk (generally, I just make a substitute milk and vinegar mix since we rarely have buttermilk on hand), but I decided to go all out in favor of freshness and keeping in mind how worth it my roommates are. ;)

The combination of the rich buttercream and the fresh blueberries produced some of the most beautiful, natural colored frosting I believe I've ever seen (and it didn't taste half bad either!)

Figuring out how best to package these treats was a bit of a struggle at first, but I spent some time looking around the local cake shop and finally figured out that if I put them in a plastic box inside a box with some tissue paper, they would hopefully make it to their various destinations in one piece.

I packaged them with love <3 a="a" and="and" br="br" each="each" for="for" little="little" note="note" on="on" person="person" sent="sent" their="their" them="them" way.="way.">

Dear any roommates reading this,
I miss you mucho.
Love, the Kelster (it's catching on!)

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