Monday, July 4, 2011

Junior Mints

Usually, I just want to bake. Anything and everything, and I choose from one of the hundreds of recipes I've got saved up to try. Sometimes, though, I find a recipe that I feel compelled to try out almost immediately--this, for some reason, was one of those recipes.

Megan and I decided to have ourselves a cupcake day; she tried out my lemon cupcakes with a raspberry variation of the fresh berry buttercream frosting, and I made these amazing Junior Mint cupcakes that I found on a blog called Domestic Fits. Complete with a chocolate ganache and a Junior Mint on top, these cupcakes were nothing short of gorgeous--and a huge hit.

Not only were these cupcakes really yummy, they also made for some super cute pictures.

And now for the real bonus...they were also incredibly easy to make, and the cake turned out just as light and fluffy as cake sometimes seems only to do when made from boxed cake mix. Deeeelicious, and also a truly impressive little cake.

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