Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Week["end"] Getaway

Last Friday I got in the car to head to Cadillac, MI with my family for the weekend to celebrate my grandma's birthday. Yesterday when my parents left, I decided I'd actually rather let the relaxing continue for another few days out on the lake.

In between lying on a raft out in the bits of sunshine we've had peeking through, taking my cousins out tubing on the water, and applying for countless jobs, I finally had a chance to finish Mrs. Dalloway. I enjoyed it, but I think right now I'm in the mood for something a little faster-paced. It was surprisingly difficult for me to let myself get sucked in to Woolf's extensive (albeit beautiful) narrative--blame it on the kids running around and the bonfire smoke sneaking inside. In any case, I'll be reading it again someday. Now, on to The Book Thief.

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