Sunday, September 25, 2011

We Disappear

During senior week last year on our epic walk down Broadway in Chicago, my roommates and I discovered the cute little Unabridged Bookstore amongst our cupcake and hat-finding adventure.

I picked up a very very discounted copy of We Disappear by Scott Heim, with high hopes for all the "fun reading" I would surely soon be able to get to as the school year was ending. Baha, bahaha. I must have forgotten that I'd soon be receiving a pile of reading for the DPI program in the mail. Nevertheless, I kept it on the top of my pile and promised to get to it eventually.

I wouldn't go so far as to call it a "psychological thriller;" calling it "psychologically disturbing" would be accurate. I thought this book was interesting and pretty unique. I think lately there's been an accidental theme of finding oneself working across my reading choices, perhaps as a reflection of the theme most present in my life at the moment. I appreciated the way that this book took that theme to a very literal place and demonstrated how all of the characters struggled both inwardly and sometimes outwardly to find themselves in a world that seemed to often be changing all too quickly or to be getting away from them. Worth a read.

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