Friday, September 16, 2011

"Just come on home"

To both my homes! :) Heading back to both Trenton and ND for the weekend, and I couldn't be more excited. I'll get to see the ND/MSU game and my family all in one weekend (plus I'll get to switch my clothing collection for the coming weeks of job hunting--particularly awesome since it's FALL all of a sudden).

In the spirit of fall, tailgating, and seeing my beloved Snip Nose again, I made some delicious treats for game day tomorrow.

My pinterest addiction has been a little out of control lately, but it inspired me to make these amazing chocolate-covered strawberries, decorated with white chocolate to look like little footballs! On top of that, though, I wanted to do something really amazing (and Snip Nose inspired, as I said). So, not only are these chocolate covered, they're also cheesecake stuffed, with a graham cracker crumb topping holding it all together. Oh, goodness.

Goooooo Irish! Beeeeeat Spartans!

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