Friday, September 9, 2011


For the last couple of weeks, I've been...well, a variety of places. I've actually slept in five different states over the last two weeks. Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Indiana, and Pennsylvania (and that doesn't even include the states I've driven through!). It's been slow going on the job search, but at least I'm doing everything I can. It's definitely been an interesting experience, but I've certainly learned a lot. For instance, while sleeping on someone's couch isn't my preferred living situation, it definitely makes me appreciate things like beds, long[er] showers, and opportunities to do laundry. Above all, the whole experience so far has really made me look forward to a time of stability...when I can really unpack my things and have a space all my own again.

Until then, I'll be staying at my uncle's for a little while in New Jersey, which has been really nice. Some time to get to know my cousins better and an opportunity to help out a little around the house, plus a little bit of alone time during the day when everyone's at school and work to get my life together and whatnot. Plus, I found a little gem of an opportunity on my first day here that I took advantage of today...something to bake! At one point or another, the family mentioned that they loooove corn muffins--that they were a real treat. Well, this morning when the last one disappeared off the counter, I thought...

I used a recipe I found here for some sweet, more cake-like corn muffins, but instead of using cornmeal, I used real corn kernels. I hope they like them!

In other news, here's a bit about different things I've been reading along my travels.

First and foremost, I loved the narration in this book, which explains why I love this cover so much. The other cover isn't bad, but I think this one really speaks to the wonderfully unique narrator.

Excellent read, although I'm not sure I want to see the movie. I know it's gotten a lot of hype lately, and I'll probably see it at some point just to check it out, but I really loved Gruen's style, and that's generally where I get a little sad about the book/film correlation discrepancy.

Finishing it up now. Not my favorite, but a fast-paced, action-packed read that definitely kept me on my toes. I'll probably pick up The Girl Who Played with Fire at some point, but it's not my very next read or anything like that. I've got no real sense of urgency for it, and i think I might like a change of pace for a bit before I dive into my next Stieg Larsson.

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