Monday, October 24, 2011

Crumb Cake

I've been away from New Jersey for less than three days and already I'm bringing bits of it here. Ask either of my brothers or my parents what the one food is that we associate with Grandma McGauley's house and it's not going to be eggs (funny story), Chinese food, or lamb (another funny story): it's most definitely crumb cake. We get it from B&W Bakery in Hackensack, and while it is pretty tasty, to me the best part is that it just tastes like Grandma's house.

When my uncle and I came out for the ND v. MSU game, we brought a couple of cakes with us for my family for breakfast, and my dad was pretty excited. I decided since I haven't made it to Hackensack recently, I'd try to see if I could come up with a similar homemade version for him this time. I'd found a recipe here that looked almost right, but my uncle and I agreed that it didn't have nearly enough crumb (I know, right. Look at that picture and you'll start to understand how crumbly and delicious B&W does it). In my verison, I skipped the almond extract (only because I didn't have it, but I don't feel like it's missing anything) and doubled the crumb. That's right.

Oh, the crumbly delicious goodness of this cake. It's a little more moist than B&W's, and the crumbs are a little less firm, but overall I think it was a pretty delicious substitute for when we just can't make the nine hour drive to NJ (and can't convince Uncle Tommy to ship us one. Hey, it's been done).

It'll never be quite the same as breakfast at Grandma's, but it tastes like home.

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