Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Oven!

Hello, gorgeous.

We got this beautiful new stove delivered yesterday, and I couldn't be more excited. No more upping the temperature by five degrees and baking things for ten minutes longer. My baked goods will now bake up golden and delicious at the appropriate temperature for a normal amount of time.

I broke it in today with this honey beer bread, a recipe I found here and have been wanting to try out. I used a peach beer that we had in the garage (neither my mom nor I liked it very much to drink, but it made for a great bread). I think the subtle peach flavor came through very nicely, and I used a little extra honey which complemented the other flavors well, too.

The bread was so easy and used such simple recipes, and best of all, it was totally delicious. It baked up perfectly in about 52 minutes at 350 degrees. So happy with our new oven! Thanks, parents.

On an unrelated but exciting note, only 6,000 words to go as November and NaNo come to a close...

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