Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm back [again]!

When I write my return posts on things like this, I'm always tempted to name the entry using some really cheesy song lyric or something. For example, this post could have been titled: "Ohmygod, we're back again!" But that seemed more fitting for a boy band tune (and where were the Backstreet Boys coming back from, exactly? Wasn't "Everybody" their first single?), so I refrained. I almost always do. You're welcome.

But really--I'm back to blogging again after my short hiatus, and I was so happy that so many of you wondered where Pages & Cakes had gone. Just down for some maintenance. I know it might not seem like much has changed, but it was a needed absence. More exciting changes to come in the coming weeks...for the blog that is. Perhaps the most exciting changes for me have already happened. For instance, look:

I've moved. New apartment, new job, it's a whole new life for me. And I'm loving every minute of it.

For the moment, I'm going to leave you with a few pictures of what I've been baking and reading for the last couple of weeks, but you can expect fuller posts from here on out. Bon apetite!

These blueberry scones were delicious--just my basic scone recipe which can be found in earlier posts (or by clicking scones on the side menu).

Un-birthday cupcakes for my new roommate, Nora's, birthday (which were made a few days in advance, hence the "unbirthday" title). Mm, how I love baking with Baileys.

After a couple weeks of reading YA (love, love, love), I snuggled up one morning with another old love...oh, Brontë, how I'd missed you.

And finally, lemon cupcakes with a blueberry puree frosting. So yummy and fresh in the midst of a New York City winter.

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