Sunday, April 22, 2012

Like Meeting the Queen

I think I can die happy. This past Tuesday, I came face to face -- and even exchanged words with -- the Julie Andrews.

Julie Andrews and her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton were at Books of Wonder on April 17 to sign their latest Very Fairy Princess book and so of course, it was imperative that I be there. In the last two hours of my work day, I could hardly sit still knowing that Julie Andrews -- Maria von Trapp, Mary Poppins, Grandmère and the Queen of Genovia herself -- was sitting just five blocks away from me. 

My goodness she was wonderful. When I finally got off work, I raced to the bookstore, quickly bought my book and received my number, and anxiously browsed the shelves as I waited for my number to be called. 

Finally, #136 was called, and I got in line with several others, including several women near tears with sheer anticipation of meeting one of the most iconic women in the country (is it safe to say world?). I did not cry, but I did shake for at least an hour following the signing. 

Need I say more? Oh yeah, the book is really cute, too.

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