Sunday, June 3, 2012


Even though, as I mentioned in a previous post, I missed the signing, I did get my hand on the follow up to Delirium, and finished it last weekend. 

I actually don't have a ton to say about this book. What was most interesting is that while the concept for the first book--love treated as a disease--was still semi-present in this novel, it was not nearly focused on as much. Moreover, I'm not entirely sure what I'd say was focused on in its place. In fact, not much happened in this book at all, despite the clear dramatic tone. I had my ups and downs with this book.

Some of the downs:
- The [at times] turtle's pace
- The protagonist's whininess (although sometimes I suppose that's somewhat necessary if YA is striving for any sense of realism)
- The inconsistency of section lengths. While I didn't realize this till I was dont reading, the last section or two was really long in comparison to the first sections, which made it tough to hold my attention

A few ups:
- The depictions of certain scenes. One scene in particular threatened to give me nightmares.
- Foreshadowing of key points

Nevertheless, the last page left me wanting more...but I suppose the whole book left me wanting just that...a little more.

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